Lunch Restaurants

So you have decided to find the best lunch restaurants for a function. In nearly every capital city in Australia – and important hubs like the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast, you are spoilt for choice.

Where do you start finding the best lunch restaurants?

functionbook™ is a restaurant finder designed to do exactly this. All the hard work is done at the few clicks of your mouse button.

Is it for a birthday party, a social group gathering, success celebration, business meeting or just a group of friends?

Lunch Restaurants
in Brisbane

We have already applauded the ambience, style and menu of Peasant in Paddington. The Private Dining Room trend is sweeping Australia and to meet this market, check out Peasant Private Dining Room. Once a barber shop, the lease came up a few years ago. The clever owners snapped it up, removed the chairs, clippers and mirrors, and got busy with some funky Spanish themed décor and a lovely large timber table. Perfect for groups up to 14 people for an intimate gathering whilst enjoying the tapas menu Peasant is famous for.

Lunch Restaurants
at the Gold Coast

Where are the best lunch restaurants on the Gold Coast? They are all on functionbook™. When we tried Oskars on Burleigh for ourselves last month, we weren’t disappointed. The view is simply amazing. We were there on the sort of day you see in the Gold Coast advertising brochures and we casually lost ourselves in this magnificence even more so when we were truly delighted by the fresh seafood menu. The wait staff are brilliant and very knowledgeable with their matching wine selections. Truly a 5 star dining experience.

Lunch Restaurants
at the Sunshine Coast

With sweeping views across the mouth of the Maroochy River, Ocean Ended Restaurant in Maroochydore is a great restaurant for a lunchtime function. Daily protein specials are offered and the fish of the day is always presented beautifully. This is the perfect place to make that lunch last a little longer. Perhaps long enough enjoy the following twilight sky colours as seen in the photos on their profile page? A venue popular for casual or business lunches with locals and visitors alike. On the ground floor of the Platinum apartments.

Ready to connect with ease?

Restaurants for Lunch – Some Important Considerations


If you are flexible with your dates, the budget conscious restaurant finder in you might consider a mid-week lunchtime. Why? Popular good restaurants will book out in advance on Fridays and Saturdays in particularly. The email form on the venue pages on functionbook™ puts you in direct contact with the functions manager or owner of the venue. Ask the question if they can offer you incentive for choosing a mid-week booking.

Who is coming to your local lunch soiree? And how far away will they be coming from on average. A CBD or fringe CBD location might prove to have the best lunch restaurants for you to consider of they are coming from far and wide.

Consider your guests for this consideration when choosing good restaurants for lunch. After all, it might not be a good choice to take a group consisting largely of vegetarians to a churrasco type BBQ restaurant! Likewise, if your group is from the agricultural sector, taking them to a vegetarian restaurant might be as equal a faux pas. Is your group a lively bunch of corporate risk takers? Perhaps try a cuisine not normally seen on the average city street. Or a great option is a specialist small plate restaurant with a quality and innovative menu similar to one of our favourites, Peasant in Brisbane. Perhaps your group is a motley crew of parochial locals? Pick a good local lunch restaurant boasting local produce menu selections.

Mainly geared towards the corporate lunch to include presentations, you may require the supply/hire of audiovisual equipment or at least a screen to plug a laptop/phone into. When using our restaurant finder on the homepage, try our advanced search feature that will narrow some of these down quickly for you.

Have a good look at the ample photos our lunch venues showcase. Does the style, architecture, design and layout match your likely expectations of the group?

Easily overlooked, but how many of your guests will be driving to the restaurant for lunch? And will they likely be drinking alcohol? Check not only the car-parking availability with the venue, but also the cost for the likely duration. If a long Friday afternoon lunch is on the cards, perhaps some may choose to leave their car there. Will it cost a bomb on Saturday to retrieve? Is the area safe enough to leave a nice car overnight?

Business Lunch Etiquette

Anyone a Seinfeld fan? The series covered just about every dining mishap possible. Mostly George. Here is one of the best. Anyway, as well as absorbing the following list, perhaps watch a few episodes of Seinfeld for what not to do at a good lunch restaurant 🙂

Make acquaintance, shake hands/etc. – You never get a 2nd chance at the first impression. Polite hellos and introductions are essential.

Take the host’s lead – Thank him/her for the invitation and sit down only after they do.

Do not order before the host – If you find yourself with the waiter taking your order first, perhaps ask your host for any insider recommendations.

Do not ask the waiter to explain each menu item – you will appear petulant and indecisive.

Posture – Don’t look like a slob. Sit upright and attentively.

Flirting – Avoid this temptation – you may be the subvert talking point of the lunch. Which will most likely not be seen in a positive light.

Avoid sloppy / noisy foods – Perhaps avoid the spaghetti marinara.

Do not order the most expensive meal – You will come across as petty.

Do not order anything unfamiliar – You might get a surprise if you like the sound of the buttery garlic escargot, not expecting your meal to arrive in snail shells.

Alcohol – Don’t be the drunk annoying/inappropriate imbecile who goes down in company folklore.

No licking utensils, fingers – Or god forbid your plate.

Conversation – Maintain attentive eye contact.

Don’t use the bread roll to make a sandwich – Fine on Thursday night at home. Not at a good lunch restaurant.

Shared condiments – Are you a double dipper? Noooooo. Spoon a small bit on your plate instead.

Don’t eat off someone else’s plate – Not a good look. You will appear greedy, drunk or both.

Cutlery on the plate – When talking, rest your cutlery on the plate. It’s one of those nice etiquette things.

Toothpicks – Put a toothpick in your pocket and attend to the this probing on the way home.

Elbows – Keep them to the sides, not lazily on the table. Another of those things.

Avoid hot topics – A business lunch is not the time to declare your atheistic worship of Christopher Hitchens. Or express your opinion a vote for the Greens is a vote for The Muppets.

Do not woof it down – Take notice of everyone else’s pace and be attentive to stop and listen or talk as appropriate.

Left or Right? Solids left, liquids right. Don’t ask you amateur!

Forks/cutlery from the outside in – Again don’t find yourself looking to everyone else for a lead.

Ask more questions than blabbing – Good conversation skills apply at a business lunch.

Don’t argue the bill – The host will pay.

Thanks – Thank the host and those you enjoyed conversation with.