One of the beautiful things about functionbook™ is the ability to update your listing information as often as you like

Firstly log-in here. When you come back, you should see your listings appear below the orange line.

Now you can change any aspect of your listing as often as you like. Change your description to target specific sorts of functions or celebratory events; if your venue is more suited to sophisticated 50th birthday parties or milestone wedding anniversaries than a lively 21st celebration, tailor your description to grab your audience’s attention.

Do you want to change your availability options? For example Friday and Saturday nights during Winter may be a great time to top your business up with function business but as you get closer to the festive season you may prefer leave your venue for general bookings and walk-in customers.

Do you have some great reviews to add to your description? If so, add them in! A third party review is a powerful endorsement to drive business.

You can also add a video, update your images and include details of your menus.

The more information you can provide your prospective customers, the greater your effectiveness will be, not only on search engine optimisation, but also in enticing customers to choose your venue for their celebration.

Simply update your listing below. If there is a whole lot of nothing displayed under the orange line, it could mean that you haven’t logged in.

Oopsie. No venues are editable right now. This is usually because you are either not logged in OR your venue(s) are pending moderation. Our bad? If so, sorry for the inconvenience, please let us know so we can fix it fast for you.