Corporate Event Locations

Just having one of the best corporate event locations in town is not quite enough. Organising a successful corporate function is more than just booking a room and ensuring there’s strong coffee available during the break or over-ordering the drinks to getting the annual Christmas party in full-swing.

With the help of functionbook™, you can find the perfect corporate function venue and stage the ideal corporate event.

The 5 Ws of Corporate Function Venues & Locations

Whether you are organising a product launch, executive dinner or the office Christmas party, using the tried-and-tested five W’s ensures your next event will have your colleagues, clients and bosses raving about its success.

WHEN is your corporate event taking place?

Whether you’ve been tasked with organising an event for next week, in a few months time or next year, establishing the event date is the first step to organising any event. Try and have some flexible options for your dates as it just might be the difference between securing your preferred corporate event venue option or opt for a second not-quite-as-perfect choice.

WHO is attending the corporate event?

Determine how many people are being invited to the event. Are guests expected to RSVP and is the number of attendees likely to change? Most event numbers will change but in the planning stages you should always cater and plan your event based on the total number of people actually on the invite list (it’s much easier to downsize an event than upsize). This is also a good time to confirm the budget for the event as most event venues offer packages on a cost per head basis.

WHAT type of corporate event is it?

Is it a team-building event for the sales team, a formal executive dinner for out of town guests, a Christmas party for fifty or a day-conference for hundreds? Is the event type more formal or celebratory and what sort of layout or seating configuration suits this event type?

Consider whether the venue needs to be close to accommodation or airports for any out of town guests or keynote speakers. How will your guests be travelling to and from the event venue? Is there is car parking nearby? Whether you are looking for a meeting venue at the Gold Coast, a corporate event location in Brisbane or the perfect corporate event location at the Sunshine Coast, functionbook™ lets you search for all of the best options.

WHY are you having the event?

Seems self-explanatory but asking why you are having the corporate event and what outcomes you wish to achieve from the event will help you greatly in the planning process.

A productive team-building event will build rapport between colleagues so booking a function venue where there isn’t enough room for the delegates to interact isn’t a good choice. By the same token, booking a corporate venue for a product launch where all attendees can’t easily see and hear what is happening on the stage isn’t going to win rave-reviews.

Defining the desired outcome of the event when you are choosing your function location will also help determine how you should allocate your corporate event budget. A product launch will not only require a great function venue with quality catering but also need a budget allocation for audio visual – with specialised staging, lighting and audio equipment – whereas a networking event would the budgetary focus to be on quality food and beverage.

Once you’ve confirmed the When, Who, Why and What you can confirm the final and all-important Where.

WHERE are the best corporate event locations?

It is critical to choose a function venue that has the right atmosphere for your particular event and is a good fit with your company image as well as one that meets all the professional needs you are looking for in the ideal corporate event location. Finding the perfect venue in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast is easy with functionbook™ especially now you’ve established the ground rules for organising your corporate function.

Ready to connect with ease?

Some tips for organising the best corporate event:


Service is a critical component defining corporate event locations, so make sure you check-out reviews before you book. The venue should allocate a dedicated staff member to liaise with you in the lead-up to your corporate function and be on-hand on the day to help address any issues that may arise during your event.

Most corporate events will offer some type of food and beverage so, prior to the event, make sure you sample the menu and ensure you order enough food and drinks to go around.

If you are booking a working lunch, consider a private dining room where guests have exclusive use of an area that is conducive to discussing confidential business matters while enjoying the menu and service from one of the best restaurants and/or corporate function venues in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

Launching a new product or booking a conference? Consider the room layout and ease of viewing of the products or keynote speakers. Regardless of the function type, it is always useful to have some type of presentation space or stage available that can be easily seen by all guests whether it be for a practiced presentation or an impromptu speech by the boss at the Christmas party.

Many corporate events are ruined by poor-quality audio-visual. Some function venues have this equipment but others will require you to utilise an audio-visual-hire company. Make sure there is technician available on the day to fix any technical glitches (and remember to ask if there’s any extra cost for their services, so you can factor this into your budget).

If you’re booking an older style venue, ask about the level of electrical power available especially if your event will have a lot of audio, lighting and video equipment as you may need to hire extra generators, especially if you have a band, big-screens and the whole extravaganza.

During event planning consider whether your guests will need access to phone charging stations or WiFi and how to communicate this information with guests on the day.

Prior to your corporate event, most function venues will have a Banquet Event Order (BEO) which documents all the details of your event and acts as a guideline for the venue to communicate logistics internally to their teams and to cross-reference this with your corporate event run sheet to ensure you’ve covered all logistics and your corporate function is a raving success.