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Since Italian immigrants, brought the first espresso machine into Australia back in the 1950s, our country has grown into a nation of coffee-crazy aficionados.

While Melbourne has been dubbed the coffee capital of Australia, South East Queensland is holding its own with a growing list of great cafes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast steeling some of the spotlight from our southerly neighbours.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a mini-explosion of local cafés popping up in both traditional café precincts and in more unexpected, tricky-to-find locations, so we set out to find out how the south-east Queensland local cafe scene differs from the rest of the world, who’s leading the way and how to find the perfect coffee.

Just a Cup of Coffee For Me Thanks

The humble coffee bean can proudly claim eleven centuries of coffee-loving-folks to its impressive list of accolades and some might argue, just as long evolving into the confusing coffee-lingo of today.

Whether your coffee of choice is milk-based (think cappuccino, latte, flat white) or non-milk based (short black, long black), there’s also multiple variations of the type of milk on offer, types of water used (yes – it’s actually a thing), types of coffee beans, their roasting method and of course, the all-important barista who mixes it all together with love and passion.

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Triple Venti Soy No Foam Latte anyone?

Coffee With a Side of Something More Please

Coffee drinking of course isn’t just about getting your caffeine-fix. With the near perfect weather year-round we enjoy in South-East Queensland, we like our coffee served with a side of something – like a sublime view or vibey-atmosphere.

If you’d like a serve of salty sea-air with your coffee, head to a café on the Sunshine Coast or a coffee-shop on the Gold Coast for a beach view – perfect for people-watching all year round.

For health-conscious coffee-drinkers with a penchant for clean eating, you’re in luck too. Whether you’re looking to decrease the size of your waistline or training for your next cross-fit competition, the growing number of paleo and fully-organic cafes popping up in South East Queensland is testament to the global demand for healthier, more nutritious food options.

Cafes catering to coffee-loving animal-lovers are also on the rise, with more and more cafes welcoming four legged friends for a piece of café action where your much loved pet can enjoy some dog-interaction while also receiving some love from cafe staff.

Animal lover sans animal? Don’t fret – you can enjoy your coffee with a side of feline cuteness if you fancy sharing your frappucino with a collective of cats and be that crazy cat person without fear of being judged.

The Search For The Perfect Coffee

You’d think with the seemingly endless supply of cafes nearby, that finding the best cafés in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast would be a cinch. Your nearest coffee shop is likely to have been critiqued by a host of coffee-drinkers of varying levels of expertise and the same café may even have made it on a ‘must-visit’ list. Unfortunately, just because a café once-listed as one of the ‘Best cafes on the Gold Coast’ doesn’t guarantee they won’t change their coffee beans, hire a new barista or offer the incredible service they once did by the time you visit.

While pretentious coffee-snobs are more likely to stick to the tried-and-true; coffee connoisseurs are more adventurous in their search for the perfect coffee. It is after-all, the second most sought after commodity in the world.

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Cafes Are Great For Functions

When is a Coffee Not a Coffee?

Despite all the different flavours and varieties, there are actually only two types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. So where do all these mind-boggling coffee options come from? Well according to the experts, Australia is right up there in terms of leading new trends in how we consume coffee.

Baristas, progressive in their search for new and interesting ways to drink coffee are becoming more mixologists. The functionbook team put their tastebuds on the line to explore some unusual coffee trends likely to pop up at Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane cafes in the near future.

What Your Coffee Order Says About You

No, we’re not talking about the ancient art of reading ground coffee at the bottom of your coffee cup but more how our coffee habits compare to others?

According to the latest data, 43% of Australians opt for a latte as their first preference.

Coffee drinkers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast share their love of lattes with those residing in Australia’s coffee capital, while Sydney and Western Australia buck the national trend with flat whites constituting more than 50% of coffee consumed.

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Quirky Facts You Might Like To Think About Over Your Next Coffee:

Ever heard the term ‘Cowboy Coffee?’. Apparently the term came from the technique cowboys used to brew their coffee. They’d put ground coffee into a sock and immerse it into cold water which was then heated over a campfire before being drank.

Next time you’re having a brew that tastes a little off, consider that the world’s most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak, is made from the beans excreted by a Sumatran wild cat (now THAT’s a shit coffee).

In Italian, espresso translates to “when something is forced out” as espresso is made when boiling water is forced through pressed coffee grounds. An espresso has only a third of the caffeine of drip-coffee. Most importantly it is not to be confused with expresso – which is when you need your cup of coffee in a hurry.

Just in case you needed another reason to love coffee besides the energy boost provided by your morning dose, according to some studies coffee can help prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes and liver disease.

There’s been several attempts throughout history to ban coffee, obviously all efforts were unsuccessful. The last attempt was in 1777, when Frederick the Great of Prussia banned the consumption of coffee as he thought it interfered with the consumption of beer.

Coffee Fusion

Fusion coffee is a combination of coffee and tea or beer and coffee brewed together and is a growing trend here in Australia and is already popular in Asia. The taste, as expected, is a beverage which tastes something between the two – a fusion of flavours if you will, perhaps a good choice for those who don’t make choices easily. Our predication is that this will be a winner at a Brisbane cafe near you.

Rainbow Coffee

Most coffee is the colour of the coffee bean however not rainbow coffee; which is perhaps because it is caffeine-free. As Rainbow coffee sports an array of colours from a mix of turmeric, beetroot and matcha (a green tea plant). While it offers a healthy alternative for those who don’t wish to consume caffeine, it’s been received with mixed reviews so you’ll need to search for this one. Sounds like something best enjoyed at a café in the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast hinterland.

When summer rolls in there’s nothing quite like an iced coffee for a caffeine-fix that will also cool you down right? Well that was the case before the ‘nitro’. Infused with nitrogen (which affects the taste and texture of the coffee) nitro coffee is a creamier alternative even when served black. The icy brew is typically stored in a keg, pressurized and poured from a tap much like a Guinness and resembles a pint of Guinness too. The result? A smooth, slightly-sweeter, cold coffee with a foam finish which is being hailed by some as the best thing to ever happen to coffee”.

Despite leading the way in coffee trends, if you needed more proof that Australians know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee then consider the fact that the current Barista World Champion hails from Canberra.

As one of the world’s most important beverages, the demand for great coffee in an equally great location continues to grow, and the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast offer up not only some of the best coffee but are arguably served in the some of the quirkiest, amazing, unusual and naturally stunning locations Australia has to offer.