Why Choose Breakfast Venues / Restaurants For Your Function?

Every city in Australia has seen a boom in the popularity of hosting functions of all sorts at breakfast venues.


It is universally accepted, and we’ve all been preached to, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, yes, there’s definitely more to it than that.

Getting together at breakfast restaurants is simply a great way to start the day! After the alarm clock goes off and you launch yourself into the daily ritual, the smell of coffee and the promise of a healthy satisfying meal away from the home environment is always a winner.

School Rush is finished! Drop the kids off, and get together with your local friends at a bistro or breakfast restaurant central to you all.

Diet and nutrition. Have you seen the clever and colourful array of foods breakfast restaurants are preparing lately? If the paleo thing is your thing, head to fringe-city venues. If more traditional eggs and sausages is preferred, all venues have their updated takes on old favourites.

How do these sound? Courtesy of some venues you can easily find on functionbook™:

  • Stuffed French Toast – strawberry mascarpone filled baguette, yuzu berries. (Bitter Suite)
  • Black Pudding – From our local butcher and Irish black pudding served with potato and carrot hash, soft boiled egg and spinach. (Copperface Jacks)
  • Char Siu Pork Benedict – Asian pork, green apple, roti bread, poached eggs, Japanese spices, chilli & hollandaise sauce. (Pawpaw)
  • Breakfast Bowl – Haloumi, avocado, kale, tomato, seeds and poached egg. (Riverbar & Kitchen)
  • Vegetarian Stack – Haloumi, grilled peppers, spinach filled mushrooms and chimichuri salsa. (Copperface Jacks)
  • Boston Baked Beans – House made beans, chorizo, smoked bacon, poached eggs, quinoa & spelt toast with Pepe Saya butter. (Foxy Bean)

Mmmm. Add a quality barista made coffee or two, and your day is set.

Value for money. Breakfast get-togethers can be much better value than other times of the day for mainly two reasons. Firstly, No alcohol!

Secondly, people usually have things to do and places to go after breakfast, so the meeting or get together can have a more easily defined finishing time.

Ready to connect with ease?

What Sorts of Functions Lend Themselves to Breakfast?

The question should really be what occasions do not suit themselves to a breakfast venue meeting!

Whether you choose a breakfast venue that is a large club type offering a buffet breakfast; a cozy local café with inspired menu options; or any restaurant in between, functionbook™ can help with some amazing suggestions.


Breakfast meetings have enjoyed popularity amongst business people since.. well the dawn of business really. Sales people love being out of the office and perhaps there is an achievement a little more important than usual to discuss this month. On-boarding of staff – what a nice first impression for their first day to be taken out by the boss for breakfast. Or just a simple gathering of colleagues at the start of the day when everyone is at their sharpest and most likely to be best engaged.

Are you the organiser of a wedding, a hen’s or a buck’s party? If you haven’t ever been gifted the responsibility of getting things arranged for such an event, you will quickly find everyone is looking to you to have everything organised for all times of day. Every day. Especially if it is a mammoth weekend celebration with people arriving from all over the country. A pre-event champagne breakfast with all and sundry might be an appropriate welcoming committee. Or on the flip side, a hang-over breakfast with the hardcore rabble might be in order.

What? Breakfast for a birthday party? Sure why not! Maybe it is a minor milestone – like a 26th, a 31st or a 46th and you simply do not want to plan a big hoo-har worthy of a 21st birthday celebration. A breakfast on the day is a great low-key way to celebrate your own or indeed a friend’s birthday without missing out altogether. Your guests can come early and join you – or perhaps they can grab a coffee and come and go as they please depending where they need to be later.

Business networking breakfast meetings are a staple. Perhaps you have an association that gets together on occasions for a member update or require welcoming of new members? Local business chambers of commerce regularly conduct business meetings over breakfast and have guest speakers. Local business groups like to introduce new small businesses in their area too over a coffee to meet with complimentary local service providers.

Take advantage of the first hours of the working day to gee-up your team. Got a sales pitch or a group presentation to make? Put the finer points on it with a healthy breakfast beforehand.

Breakfast get togethers are popular with mother’s groups on either a regular or semi-regular basis. Long-term friendships are often forged from nothing but the commonality of having children at the same time. What better opportunity is there to compare sleeping and feeding strategies? Or simply indulge in some adult conversation that doesn’t involve Jeff waking up or annoying jingles on repeat.

Got some friends you have trouble catching up with? Round them up for an impromptu local breakfast at a local café or restaurant. The more the merrier and you might take joy in being responsible for introducing new good friends to one another. You also get to try the amazing breakfast menus around town if you commit to doing this often.

Meet Up At Breakfast Venues Like These

functionbook™ has carefully curated some of the best breakfast venues and restaurants in Brisbane, at the Gold Coast and at the Sunshine Coast. Use the search function on the homepage and you will find some gems like these:

Breakfast Restaurants Brisbane

Breakfast Restaurants Gold Coast

Breakfast Restaurants Sunshine Coast

Ideas For a Business Breakfast

Breakfast restaurant meetings have long been the domain of the guys and girls dressed sharply with tablets and laptops in tow. This is even truer now with the changing dynamics of the more flexible workplace than yesteryear.

People attending early business meetings tend to more alert, and for those with the duty of organising, you will find attendees are much less likely to cancel because their daily schedule has already tsunami’d them.

If you are to believe various studies and surveys conducted on the topic of when to have the most effective business meetings (Microsoft and OnePoll in the UK), breakfast trumps the results. Respondents believed overwhelmingly more positive outcomes are achieved at breakfast time and productivity levels are higher when attendees are at their A.M sharpest with less pressing distractions competing for their time.

Here are 3 main tips for a successful business breakfast meeting:

Timekeeping. Keeping to the times you have set is more important for breakfast meetings than other times of the day. If you say 7am, make sure you are there and prepared for 7am. Have a pre-distributed agenda sent a few days prior to make your meeting as efficient as it can be. Equally important is the finishing time. People will no doubt have planned the rest of their day and you don’t want to be blamed for making them late to following appointments.

Location. Choose breakfast venues as centrally located as possible. Having an earlier start time is better to avoid peak hour traffic for those a little further away. Make sure before you book, that your chosen breakfast venue has the facilities you need. Do you need a private room/areas? Do you require natural light, equipment hire or audio visual capacity? functionbook™’s powerful search feature will help you narrow down the very best venues to suit your meeting perfectly. That being said, it is always a good idea to double check with the person taking your booking they have exactly what you need.

Good food & coffee is a must! And is universally expected now. Lukewarm filtered coffee in a jug on a heated circle just doesn’t cut the mustard. Make sure the venue brings out the first coffees (and teas of course) super quickly. Keep jugs of water and/or juice available at arm’s reach all morning. Most people will be arriving straight from home and with empty stomachs. All venues offering breakfast on functionbook™ are experienced in helping you with the best options for food ordering/delivery. Some may offer a buffet, but many will offer a quick and efficient a-la-carte service.