5 Things To Consider Before Hosting a Party at Home

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If you’re planning an engagement party, 21st birthday celebration or any other type of function, you may be considering hosting the event at home to avoid the cost of hiring a function venue.
Whilst many a successful function has been hosted at homes, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of self hosting a party before sending out those invites!

Here are 5 key areas you should consider before choosing to host an event at your place.


Depending on the size of the guest list, catering for a function at your home could be a logistical nightmare. Preparation of the menu could take you days, and determining the correct amount of food required is a tricky balance to strike. A dedicated function venue will not only take care of all the prep work and planning, they’ll likely take care of table service and cleaning away of plates.


Most parties involve late nights and some level of indulgence in alcoholic drinks. Are you likely to feel up to cleaning up your home the next morning? By hosting your event at a function room, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded clean up and catch a much needed sleep in the next morning.


Hiring of equipment such as tables, chairs, marquees, glasses & decorations can all quickly add up and potentially void and savings you’ve made by hosting your party at home. Not to mention you’ll need to make yourself available the day prior for a flurry of deliveries and arrange pickup times after the event.


Nothing kills the mood at a party like having to switch the music off, which is a real possibility if your party continues late into the night and you have a neighbour who enjoys their sleep. Noise curfews vary from state to state, but 10pm is widely used as a cutoff time for excessive noise in residential areas. Most function rooms will have special exemptions for noise, meaning you can continue the party well into the night.


Another important point to consider before hosting a party at home is access to amenities. If your guest list exceeds 20 people they’ll likely be a long queue forming outside of your bathroom as the night goes on. Hiring portable toilets are an option, but again this will eat into any cost savings made by hosting your party at home.

These are just 5 important areas to consider before choosing to host a party at home over a dedicated function venue. You may also need to consider security, AV equipment, parking & transport options, wait staff, and even the possibility of gatecrashers.

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