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Welcome to functionbook™ – Australia’s most convenient way to find the perfect function rooms, party venues, or venue hire in your area.

No matter what event or occasion you have planned, functionbook™ will help you find the right place for it. Forget sorting through countless websites and endless directories. With functionbook™, you can do it all from one place – and in less time and effort too!

functionbook™ makes it easier than ever to find the best venue for your event. All you have to do is:

Search – enter your event details in our search filter to automatically narrow your search

Select – explore search results and choose your best options

Connect – get in touch with your venue through the contact information provided
It’s that easy!

At functionbook™, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and narrow down your choices based on the details you provided for your search. That way, every choice will be a good choice, and it’ll be just a matter of choosing the best option for you.

3 of Our Best Party Venues


Spanish Rock kid brother who's mama taught him how to cook real good!

Bitter Suite

A beautiful, old red brick building situated on a leafy corner

The Charming Squire

As charming as it is awesome

Searching Made Easy

The key to any good search is knowing exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s exactly what functionbook™ offers with our Advanced Search Options. With this feature, you can narrow down your choices from the start and avoid wasting time looking at choices that weren’t right for you in the first place.

Need to book a cocktail bar in Brisbane on a Thursday night for twenty to thirty people? Easy.
How about a small café on the Gold Coast for ten people with vegan food on their menu? Got that too.
Or perhaps a micro brewery on the Sunshine Coast for a fun night out with your old schoolmates? Done!

With functionbook™, you can specify what you’re looking for from the start so you end up with the choices you want. The finer you search, the better your results.

Choose the Best Function Room in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast

We know that choosing one venue from several choices can be hard, especially if they’re all good options to begin with. But don’t stress out – each venue in functionbook™ features a venue profile that will give you the information you need to make the right decision.

Most venue profiles on functionbook™ include the following:

All function rooms, party venues, and venue hires in functionbook™ feature a brief summary that will give you an idea of what kind of place they are. These descriptions will give a feel of the place, providing general information on what you can expect at the venue.

This section provides more detailed information about the venue facilities and its ability to host groups of people. Learn what type of rooms they have, how many people they can accommodate, and what facilities they can provide in-house for your event.

Provides information about the food and drinks available at the venue. Some venues provide special menus for private events, and they’ll indicate this fact on this section if available. This is an especially helpful section if you’re planning an event with people who have special dietary needs or restrictions.

Seeing is believing, and there’s no better way to capture the feel and atmosphere of a venue than with photographs. At functionbook™, each venue will feature high-quality photographs on their profile, giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect there. These photographs showcase the best that the venues have to offer, letting you see for yourself if they’re as good as advertised.

Aside from photographs, many of our venue choices also feature videos that give you a more in-depth look at what they have to offer. From quick tours of the restaurant to promotional clips that showcase their food and dining facilities, these videos provide more information on whether or not they’re the right place for you.

We know that descriptions and photos can sometimes be misleading, and, just like you, there’s nothing we hate more than going to a place that’s completely different than advertised. That’s why our venue profiles also feature a review sourced from social media. This way, you get word on it from people who have actually been there. It’s real feedback from real customers.

Each profile also has a map with the venue address so you know exactly where it’s located. This gives you an idea of how near it is from your location and how to get there on the day of your event.

Connect with Ease

Ever come across a great restaurant online but just couldn’t find their contact information to make an enquiry? Yeah, we’re not fans of that either. That’s why at functionbook™, we provide each venue’s contact information on their profile so you can get in touch with them whenever you like.

functionbook™ makes it easier to book directly with a venue by providing its best contact information for quick bookings and enquiries. Get in touch directly with venue management by calling the number provided in their profile or filling out an enquiry form that we send straight to them for you.

It’s a simple yet valuable feature, allowing you to make enquiries from one place and get quotes specific to your celebratory needs. At functionbook™, we don’t just provide booking information; we also create connections.

Ready to connect with ease?

Discover New Venues in Brisbane, Melbourne, The Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast

Tired of using that same old venue you’ve long been holding events in? Are you looking for a new place that you simply haven’t been to yet? functionbook™ is here to help.

functionbook™ doesn’t just let you find the right venue for your event; it also lets you discover new places and venues in your area. With our extensive database of function venues, party venues, and venue hires, you’ll find plenty of new, exciting choices to give your event or occasion a fresh boost.

Whether you’re looking for a venue similar to what you’ve been using or one that’s completely different from anything you’ve tried, functionbook™ will match you with your best options.

functionbook™ is about exploring different choices as much as it is about finding that one perfect venue, and we see to it you can do both quickly and easily whenever you want.

All Occasions Welcome

Life is full of momentous occasions, and there’s a venue out there perfect for celebrating or hosting each event. Big or small, formal or informal, functionbook™ will help you find the right venue that will make your event truly special. Our users love functionbook™ when searching for:

Engagement Party Venues – includes everything from venues with private areas to exquisite restaurants perfect for special celebrations

18+ Birthday Party Venues – includes restaurants, hotels, and other common venues for memorable parties

Conference Venues / Function Rooms – hotels and conference centres with dedicated spaces for conferences, meetings, and other similar events

Corporate Events Venues– hotels, courtyards, and function rooms for corporate events and gatherings

Breakfasts – cafés, restaurants, and other interesting nooks for enjoying good breakfasts and coffee

Lunches – a range of restaurants and cafés for enjoying lunch with groups of friends or family

Dinners – includes everything from restaurants for formal engagements to special cafés for more laid-back gatherings

And many more!

No matter what event you’re celebrating or hosting, functionbook™ is always here to help you find a venue that offers the perfect match.

A Function Room for Every Occasion

Need a new place to enjoy some drinks with your workmates? Or perhaps an amazing restaurant to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family? No matter what you may need a great venue for, functionbook™ will have great choices available for you. Our extensive range of venue types and function spaces include:

  • Bars
  • Cafés
  • Clubs
  • Cocktail Bars
  • Conference Centres
  • Courtyard / Outdoor Areas
  • Hotels
  • Micro Breweries
  • Private Dining Rooms
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Rooftop Bars
  • Many more!

At functionbook™, we believe there’s a perfect venue for every occasion. We’re here to help you find it.

Helping Both Sides

functionbook™ was made not just for customers, but venue owners and managers as well.

If you own or manage a venue that you’re sure people would love to visit or hire, functionbook™ can help draw them in. With our large, growing base of users and our powerful search feature, more people can discover your venue and connect with you directly to make bookings.

You’ll be glad to know getting started with functionbook™ is a breeze too. It’s quick and easy to add your venue, and our service is completely free for the first three months.

Start getting found, gain more traffic on your website, and increase your bookings today with functionbook™.

Celebrate in Style With A Party Venue in Brisbane, Melbourne, The Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast

Life is too short to celebrate special moments in the wrong venue.

Give your occasion or event the attention it deserves by choosing the best party venue in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re looking for party venues and entertainment spaces or function rooms and venue hires for professional events, you’ll find it all here at functionbook™.

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